Today I started the freeCodeCamp’s Quality Assurance pathway with the goal in mind to beef up my testing skills. The first course on the list is called ‘Quality Assurance and Testing with Chai’.

What I learned:

  • Learned about falsey values, they’re IsNotOk.
  • I did not know there were different types of equality! (assert.equal, assert.strictEqual and assert.deepEqual).
  • On the first few challenges, you’re given clues. After that, you’re all alone to look up why certain methods work the way they do.
  • The mozilla dev docs is immensely useful for looking up why certain code works the way they do.
  • I did my best not to look at the answer, it’s so satisfying to finally solve an exercise yourself. Only at one point I peeked at the hint when I was stuck on “Run Functional Tests on an API Response using Chai-HTTP III - PUT methodPassed”. That was all it took to and more tweaking.