Today I thought I encountered a bug for the time delay feature on my washing machine. I never used it until today.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Put dirty laundry in the washing machine
  2. Press On/Off button to turn it on
  3. Press Time Delay until I see ‘1 hr’ on the display
  4. Start the program
  5. At this point, I realized I still had clothes to load in to the washing machine
  6. Press On/Off button to turn it off
  7. Load the rest of the clothes in
  8. Press On/Off button to turn it on again

Expected Results

I turned off the washing machine on step 6, so I expect the state of the time delay to be cleared. This is an inconsistency with comparable products. I am comparing this washing machine to a calculator or a computer.

Actual Results

The washing machine remembers the ‘1 hr’ time delay option.

Note: I later realized I simply needed to press Time Delay another 11 times to cycle back to OFF. The time delay options include ‘OFF’, ‘1 hr’, ‘2hr’ up until ‘12 hrs’.


It may be a bug to me, but not a bug according to how it was designed. How could this have been spotted earlier? UAT perhaps?

Maybe I should go and do follow up testing on other washing machines.