The bug summary is ‘(Comments, Text Mode) ‘Add’ button remains disabled after pasting text’. I stumbled upon this when simply copying an pasting text into the comments box. I’ve reported this to JIRA as a low priority. This kinda relates to an existing bug report JRASERVER-63753 where the add button is greyed out visually but still works.


  • JIRA Server Version: v9.6.0
  • This bug may relate to TinyMCE (5.10.3). I grabbed the version number from the About section of JIRA.
  • Browser: Firefox 113.0.1 (64-bit)
  • OS and version: macOS Ventura 13.1

Steps to reproduce

  1. As a prerequisite, log in with a user who has privileges to post comments.
  2. Copy any string of text using CMD + C.
  3. Go to any existing JIRA ticket and open the comment editor.
  4. Switch from ‘Visual’ mode to ‘Text’ mode.
  5. Paste the text into the comment box using CMD + V.

Actual Results

The ‘Add’ button remains disabled and greyed out, this is confusing to the user as they have inserted text inside the comment box.

Here is a gif of the bug.

Expected Results

This is inconsistent with the behaviour in Visual mode. If you repeat the same steps in Visual mode (skipping step 4 of course), you will see that the ‘Add’ button changes to enabled state.

Impact on other areas

This may or may not impact other views on JIRA beyond comments, I lack JIRA knowledge to determine all the places it could affect.


You can easily get around this by manually typing something on the keyboard. Once you do, the ‘Add’ button is enabled once again.