Today I spent time going through my RSS feeds on Feedly. Staring at the forest of unread articles, I realized I needed an easy way to sort through and compile a ‘Read later’ list. I decided to sign up for Mozilla’s Pocket and integrated it with Feedly. When I compared the article filters between the web version and the mobile app, I noticed that you get more with the mobile version.

Web/Desktop version

You only get ‘Oldest first’ or ‘Newest first’.

Mobile app

Oh wow, you get filter options as well as sort options!

Image of sort/filter options in mobile Pocket app

Test oracle

This is not consistent with comparable products (see FEW HICCUPPS article from

Comparable Products. We expect the system to be consistent with systems that are in some way comparable. This includes other products in the same product line; competitive products, services, or systems; or products that are not in the same category but which process the same data; or alternative processes or algorithms.

I wonder what other features might not be consistent between the two platforms?